Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HMM !!!

I guess my posts were not interesting enough..nah, the pictures were not interesting perhaps! Haha... Donny Yen's post! sigh ~ Sorry for any lame post, readers. I just felt that the picture was quite nice, and since i had a picture of myself with similar pose as Donny Yen's, so i decided to cut paste ~~ to create such picture. Anyway, i thought it was not bad.
So, guess what is in my mind now? I am pondering which Universities would be a better choice for degree. Lancaster University, Victoria University or Monash University. Marketing is the subject that i wanted to major, but unfortunately, Lancaster-U only offers Business Studies, Management degrees. There are more options of course, but marketing is not available in Lancaster-U. Victoria University, a university from Australia which offers Marketing degree, but there are several negative comments reported about the course.(No offence). So, i am hesitating..... What about Monash? I have not made any decisions yet. More information needed regarding the courses offered by Monash. Anyway, i will ask for more information if necessary. 

Questions :  
1) Which course should i choose?  Business studies or Marketing?
2) If Monash offers Marketing course, should i transfer to Monash? 
3) If other Universities(Taylors,Inti,Curtin) offer Marketing course, should i transfer too?

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