Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 days 2 nights trip

These are some pictures captured by me with the dslr during the singapore trip. Hope all of you would enjoy the pictures. =)

The Universal Studio Singapore (USS), not US!

 The Madagascar wooden board. =.= What's that for actually? I have no idea too.

Nice view from this angle. Credits : Desmond. hehe

Christmas tree at vivo city shopping complex. Vivo city shopping was so huge. Was it the biggest shopping mall in Singapore? I don't know..

Crowded. There were more than a few thousands people inside the shopping mall i guess.The tourist guide from Kuala Lumpur(me) would probably find no way out from the mall if i lost my way. Joking ~
The ice-cream waffle. It tastes nice! You should try it. The mini stall is somewhere around orchard road. You can actually see this stall before reaching orchard road.

Last but not least, end it with this picture. hoho! All of you should be familiar with this picture if you have been to Singapore this year. ciao~

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